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The word "Handloom" derives its meaning from the process of operation of a country wooden structure called "loom by hand" and with the sole aid of manpower.

Even today, despite the fact that our cloth markets are flooded with heaps of fabrics, both printed and woven synthetic ones in eye-catching designs and bewitching colours which often stole perennial attraction to the young and ageing girls and women, still it is the handloom which in the ultimate analysis provides answer to the aspirations and desires of our women folk for the simple reason that the machine has not yet been devised by man which can out do the handloom in production of butis, tie-ups and other designs which come naturally in weaving together with the zari work in the borders and in the bodice of the saree. Hence the importance of the handloom in this atomic age.

No wonder, "The fame of the Indian handloom cloth has spread like a delightful perfume to the four corners of the world".

On account of double reeds, proper sizing and lower speed of weaving, handloom cloth is usually stronger than similar mill-made or power loom cloth. What is more, every piece of handloom cloth is unique and different from the other since bits of yarn made into warp are woven inch by inch with skilled strokes from the hand of the artisan. Every bit of handloom cloth symbolises a job done painstakingly by the traditional craftsman for the sheer love of it. It is not a stock reprint with prosaic mundane checks or stripes or dots or flowers on cloth because it is not mass produced. Every inch of cloth woven by hand brings back memories of artifacts of the by-gone generations. Furthermore, in view of the vast numbers of families involved in hand-weaving in our country, every piece of handloom cloth sold goes a long way to provide a square meal to a weaver - somewhere!.


Pochampally silk saree manufacturing history goes back to 1970, when it was decided by some village headmen of Pochampally to weave silk along with cotton(cotton weaving was being done since very long back), to make a better living. They have sent two young weavers to learn the secrets of the art to Bangalore. This was the beginning of a revolutionary era in the Pochampally handloom industry, which led to the eventual dominance of the Indian tie&die patola Industry.

The genesis of the decision to enter into new realms of weaving(silk), can be attributed to a new era, in the history of POCHAMPALLY IKAT. Its merchandise is a handicraft on which about a thirty thousand families depend on traditionally. The industry is second only to agriculture.

Pochampally products are handcrafted to perfection by skilled artisans who are endowed with critical skills in intricate designs, having decades of experience behind them in their respective fields. In certain cases these masterpieces can take upto one hundred and twenty days to take final shape, to the satisfaction of our craftsmen.

Pochampally.com is organised to provide a clear & synergistic focus to do business, and be accessible to the customer with top notch service, product innovation & affordability.


The big name & natural brand "POCHAMPALLY" serves as a constant reminder to us of very important components to our mission and purpose:
1. Our business policies and activities will be carried out in a manner that reflects the knowledge that Pochampally.com is a genuine responsible business;
2. We must live and work ethically, choosing never to compromise our integrity in the name of profit;
3. We must meet the needs of our customers in a professional and timely manner; and
4. We will focus accountability in everything that we do.

By practicing standards throughout our business, we hope to continue to build a respect and reputation in the industry that is "top-notch" and build ongoing relationships with our loyal customers.

We realise e-commerce involves more than simply putting up a web page.


Quality comes from the commitment, experience, attention to detail, and innovation. Our aim is to provide nothing less than the highest quality for our customers. It is a value in which we believe, and indeed one which we choose to survive with.


Honest & Clear. Its that simple here. As a business we can provide a very personal service. Without compromising integrity, we will maintain sufficient flexibility to allow us first to listen, then adapt to, and meet, the specific needs of our customers. We have a long term business horizon, and believe in sure and steady growth by building personal relationships based on trust and recommendation.


Till now, you as a customer had to pay a lot of overheads, viz. profit margins (of wholesaler, retailer chain), stocking expenses etc., It was all inefficient and at the end of it your buying price definitely got inflated. At pochampally.com, you  "Buy direct from the weavers!".   Authentic products @ Right price & Friendly service 


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