Looming Horizons

Posted by   Sridhar Kadaveru
Looming Horizons

The glamorous Ivanka Trump conquered the hearts of many at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, but it is India's handlooms that conquered her heart. She must have been delighted with the Pochampally saris made by weavers in Yadadri Bhongir, Telangana.

The Pochampally's singularity lies in its ikat design known as patola or chikti, where patterns and colours are delicately imprinted on the warps and wefts after the sari itself is woven.

Ivanka has reportedly flown back with a boxful of handloom saris, which she is expected to wear at the White House some time, which include Bathukammas woven by Sircilla powerloom weavers and a Gollabhama sari distinguished by its special inlay figure work and motifs. The Gollabhama has even received the Intellectual Property Rights protection.Read More