Ikat explained pictorially

Posted by   Sridhar Kadaveru
Ikat explained pictorially

Rajesh Pamnani's photo booklet on Pochampally ikat explains the weaving process, from yarn to fabric

The increased discussion on handlooms, we assume, has brought in more awareness and helped people distinguish different weaves and techniques. And, out of the blue someone asks 'is ikat a print or a weave?'

Information is available in public domain, through published books and online, on the evolution of ikat, its different types across the world and in India. Occasionally, in handloom melas or even at Hyderabad Literature Festival in 2017, a weaver from Pochampally was brought in to demonstrate ikat weaving on a pit loom and explain to anyone who might be interested, the process of making ikat — right from the preparation of yarn. Read more...